GoCompare campaign shows digital video twice as cost efficient as TV advertising

Insurance comparison website GoCompare extended the reach of its recent ad campaign to occasional or non-TV viewers using digital brand agency Collective’s TV Accelerator (TVA) tool, with results 2.5 times more cost efficient than TV.

GoCompare’s core product is car insurance, with a broad target market spanning 18 to 65-year-olds – essentially anyone who drives. To maximise the value and grow the reach of its recent campaign, media planning agency 360i wanted to target relevant consumers who were unlikely to have seen the GoCompare ad on TV.

Using Collective’s TVA in conjunction with Kantar/BARB data, GoCompare defined a customer segment that matched the required criteria, identified as ‘zero and light TV viewers’ – a group that would be very difficult to reach through the brand’s linear TV campaign. GoCompare’s latest TV ad was then delivered to this specific audience through relevant digital channels, with the campaign independently verified by Millward Brown.

The digital video campaign was also shown to be more cost efficient than GoCompare’s TV activity. To do this, 360i calculated the cost of buying the incremental reach achieved by digital, had they bought more TVR’s.

“In this instance, the TV Accelerator-targeted digital approach was shown to be 2.5 times more cost efficient than TV in delivering incremental audience reach,” explained Adriana Tailor, Head of Data and Research at Collective.

Commenting on the campaign, GoCompare’s Head of Brand and Broadcast, Nicholas Hall, said: “This demonstrates the benefits of successfully targeting zero and light TV viewers in order to maximise our cross-channel reach, complementing our linear TV campaign.”

Samantha Scott, Display Director at 360i, said: “We selected Collective as being the best placed partner to deliver on the objectives of this campaign due to the way it uses data. The TVA tool enabled us to identify a new segment of potential customers that weren’t reached via traditional TV and extend the reach of the campaign even further.”